Online Services

  1. Clerkbase for Town Council Agendas, Minutes, and Additional Documents

  2. Assessor’s Database

  3. E-Permitting for Building, Signage, Liquor Licenses, Citizens Complaints, Mobile Food Trucks, and more

  4. Tax Payments

  5. Land Evidence

    Beginning in October 2023, viewing a watermarked document will require a one-day (24-hour) subscription. The subscription can be purchased for $12 by clicking the “Register” link in the upper right corner of the website, selecting SubscriptionOneDay, and completing the information. Subscriptions are not automatically renewed and will require renewal after the one-day (24-hour) period. Annual subscriptions will increase to $75.00 per year. Downloading, emailing, or printing of an un-watermarked document will continue to be charged at $2.50/page. You are welcome to come to the Barrington Town Hall to view and print your records located in the Land Evidence vault at $1.00 per page.

  6. Voter Information

  7. CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment

  8. GIS Maps (Parcel and Zoning Maps, Floodplain Maps, and more)

  9. Cloud Records and Mapping for Cemeteries

  10. Board and Commission Volunteer Application

  11. Apply for a Town Job