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Request for Records - Fire Department

  1. More Information on APRA under RI General Law.

    Please be advised for public records requests:

    For additional information and/or questions, please contact the office.

  2. If these records are not readily available at the time of your request, please advise which you would like to do:*
  3. If you would like an emailed response, please enter your email address.

  4. If, after review of your request, the Town Manager's Office determines that the requested records are exempt from disclosure for a reason set forth in the Rhode Island General Laws Section 38-2-2(4), the Town reserves the right to claim such exemption.

    Note: If you choose to pick up the records but did not include identifying information on this form (name, etc), please inform the Town Manager's Office of the date you made the request, records requested, and Request Number. Thank you.

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