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Day of Caring - Volunteer Registration Form


  1. 1. Volunteer Information
  2. 2. Participation Waiver
  • Volunteer Information

    1. MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2022  •  NOON - 4:00 PM

      Barrington Day of Caring is a community-wide event for individuals, families, friends, or teams to come together as volunteers to help those in need through outdoor service projects. You MUST complete both the Volunteer and Waiver Sections of this form. No skill set is needed to volunteer. However, your expertise is welcomed.

      PLEASE NOTE: Volunteers under 14 must be accompanied by and Adult/Guardian with written consent from Guardian (At end of Waiver Information) and complete a Volunteer Registration Form as well.



    3. Volunteer groups are assigned to projects, pre-planned and organized. Will you be participating with others as a group and prefer to work together? If so, please indicate their names below and they will need to provide a Volunteer Registration Form as well.*

    4. SKILLS:

      Please indicate on this form your approximate level of skill using 1 - 4 grading experience as:

      4.  Can supervise or teach this activity.
      3.  Able to competently perform this activity.
      2.  Could perform this activity with sufficient instruction.
      1.  Have never done this, or not a skill of mine.