How are properties priced?

They are carefully analyzed based on:

  • Land sales
  • Building costs
  • Condominium sales
  • Business Income and Expense statements
  • Sales of land with buildings

The following are some, but not all of the variables that affect value:

  • Location
  • Desirability of the neighborhood
  • External influences
  • Traffic, schools, waterfront view
  • Buildings (amount, size, quality of construction, condition, and amenities

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1. What are the current Tax Rates?
2. What exactly is a “Revaluation”?
3. Why are the “Revaluations” performed?
4. Where do you get the values?
5. What is “Fair Market Value”?
6. How are properties priced?
7. What about Land values?
8. I recently purchased my property for a price which is different than the value estimated for this “Revaluation.” How is this possible?
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11. How are tax rates set?
12. How will I find out my new value?
13. Suppose I disagree with my value?
14. If there are informal hearings, what should I bring to the hearing?
15. Then what happens?
16. Suppose I still disagree?
17. How can I tell if my value is correct?