Providence and Warwick pickups?

All trips depart from the parking lot behind Barrington Town Hall. 

Providence Pickups

  • Providence pickupsfor the Berkshires (Tanglewood, Stockbridge, Williamstown, et al), Worcester and other points up on Route 146: the Providence pickup is the Stop & Shop parking lot:  Branch Avenue exit (#24) off I-95.  Turn left at the end of the exit and proceed to the Stop & Shop parking lot where you will be picked up on the left side of the lot.
  • Providence pickups for destinations towards Boston, Salem, and northern New England, will be at the Shaw's Plaza (Chili's location) off North Main Street:  Take the bus terminal exit, #25 on I-95; proceed to North Main, turn left at Ann Mary Street, the first traffic light at Cox Communications building, go down the hill to the next light and turn right onto Collyer.  At the bottom of that hill, turn left into the large parking lot.

Warwick Pickups

Warwick Pickups for destinations south and to Connecticut are at the Park & Ride lot on Airport Road.

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