How can I find my voting district and polling place?

You can use the RI Secretary of State’s Voter Information Center website to look up your address to see your current voting districts and polling place. The database has been updated to reflect the new voting districts created based on the 2020 census and the 2022 redistricting process.

Also at the Rhode Island Secretary of State's website, you can check your voting record to review your current registration status and party affiliation. In addition, a map with street index is available at the Barrington Board of Canvassers Election Information web page that shows the new boundaries for the legislative districts and voting precincts in Barrington.

And in August 2022, the Barrington Board of Canvassers is sending postcards to all Barrington registered voters, informing voters of their new legislative districts, precinct, and polling place. Please contact the Barrington Town Clerk’s office if you have any questions about voter registration, elections, or polling locations.

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1. How can I find my voting district and polling place?
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