Charter Review Commission

The Barrington Charter Review Commission is charged with reviewing all the provisions of the Town Charter and to make a report with recommendations to the Town Council concerning any proposed amendments or revisions which said Commission may deem to be necessary or desirable. The Commission is also charged with evaluating alternatives to Barrington's Financial Town Meeting format, including research provided by the Administration, for inclusion in the Commission's Final Report to be delivered to the Council. 

See Chapter C: Charter of Rhode Island General Law (PDF)

See Final Report 2014 Charter Review (PDF)

Regular Meetings

Meeting agenda and minutes can be found on the Secretary of State's website.

Recordings of Charter Review Commission meetings can be viewed through Vimeo


The Committee consists of 11 registered voters appointed by the Town Council. All are full members. Contact the Commission via email.

  • Joy S. Hearn, Chair
  • Jeffrey S. Brenner, Vice Chair
  • Daniel O'Mahony, Scribe
  • Kenneth J. Block
  • Lisa Daft
  • Allan C. Klepper
  • Sarah O'Brien
  • Stephen B. Primiano
  • Thomas TR Rimoshytus
  • Cynthia Rosengard
  • Magnus Thorsson