Watson Ad-Hoc Committee

The 25 Watson Avenue Ad-Hoc Committee includes members of Boards, Committees, and Commissions that focus on issues relevant to the planning and future development of this property. Other members include a neighborhood representative and the Town Planner (serving as Chair). 


Meeting  agendas, and minutes can be found on the Secretary of State's website. Please check regularly for schedule updates and postings. 

September 19, 2022 Meeting

25 Watson Site Summary Report 09-06-2022 (PDF)


  • Teresa Crean, Town Planner and Chair 
  • Matt Amaral, Economic Development Commission
  • David N. Beal, Resilience and Energy Committee
  • Kate Berard, Planning Board
  • David Butera, Resident Representative
  • Annelise Conway, Town Council Liaison
  • Carla DeStefano, Housing Board of Trustees
  • Ian Donahue, Barrington Land Conservation Trust
  • Jordan Durham, Technical Review Committee
  • Mary Grenier, Resident Representative
  • Diane Lipscombe, Resident Representative
  • Susan McCalmont, Resident Representative
  • Ted Myatt, Conservation Commission
  • Erin Paquette, Senior Services
  • Thomas Peck, Housing Board of Trustees
  • Roni Phipps, Planning Board
  • Kelly Chinners-Reiss, Open Space Committee
  • Fletch Thomson, Park and Recreation Commission
  • Chris Brady, Housing Board of Trustee,  Alternate
  • Lynne Carter, Resilience and Energy Committee, Alternate
  • Isabelle Gillibrand, Clerk to the Ad-Hoc Committee