Zoning Board of Review/Appeals

The Zoning Board hears requests for the following:

  • Relief from dimensional requirements
  • Applications for special-use permits
  • Relief from the merger requirements for substandard lots of record
  • Appeals from decisions of the Building Official and the Planning Board

Regular Meetings

Meeting information and agendas can be found on the Secretary of State’s website


See the links below for the applications being heard at the August 18 Zoning Board Meeting.

Please note: additional letters, exhibits, and/or materials must be submitted no later than the Monday prior to each meeting at 8 PM, even if such day is a holiday. August's submission deadline is August 15, 2022 at 8 PM.


  • Thomas Kraig, Chair
  • David Rizzolo, Vice Chair
  • Douglas Caito, Full Member
  • Ladd J. Meyer, Full Member
  • Michelle Turgeon, Full Member
  • Karen Pringle, 1st alternate
  • Clark Wescott, 2nd alternate
  • Cara Pomeranz, 3rd alternate
  • Dennis Begin, Building and Zoning Official
  • Isabelle Gillibrand, Clerk to the Zoning Board of Review/Appeals
  • Robert Humm, Town Council Liaison