Improvements to Latham Park

The Town contracted with East Coast Construction of Portsmouth, RI, and Wright-Pierce Engineering of Providence to design, permit and build improvements at Latham Park on Bullock Cove. Construction was completed in the spring of 2014. Funding came from a $75,000 RIDEM recreational improvement grant and $150,000 in local funds.

A summary of the work is below.

1. Shoreline Stabilization 
The project included repairs to the existing stone revetment protecting the northerly portion of Latham Park, where the existing parking lot and park facilities are located. A portion of the wall was reconfigured to improve access to the shore.

2. Park Improvements

Park improvements include the following:



Revetment-Before: Erosion washed out ground behind stone



Revetment-After: Shoreline stablized with geotextile fabric (underneath stonedust walkway)


Construction of central island rain garden in parking lot.


Engraved stone in central island of parking lot.

"Before" conditions at the park

During construction (2014)

Post construction - 2016


  1. Conceptual site plan
  2. Illustration - waterfront walkway