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2017 Barrington Hazard Mitigation Plan draft aunder review

The 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan is a critical planning document for Barrington, one of Rhode Island’s most vulnerable communities at risk of impact from natural hazards given its extensive coastline and floodplain areas. The potential impacts of natural hazards range from minor short-term events - street flooding and snowstorms - to catastrophic events, such as the Hurricane of 1938 and Hurricane Carol (1954). Risk will continue to grow in the coming decades due to sea level rise and other anticipated deleterious effects of climate change. By planning ahead, Barrington can significantly reduce the damaging effects of future disasters, minimizing the economic and social disruption often caused when these events strike.

The Plan proposes to accomplish this through sustained actions intended to permanently reduce or eliminate long-term risks to people and property from the effects of natural hazards such as floods, hurricanes, and snowstorms. The Plan also will help enable a speedier recovery through pre-planning, ongoing monitoring, and implementation.

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