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Village Center Streetscape Project - Advertised for Bid

The Village Center Streetscape Project is for the rehabilitation of sections of Cottage Street, Maple Avenue, West Street and Wood Avenue in the Town of Barrington. The work in the contract shall include, but not be limited to, removal and replacement of existing roadway pavement, removal and replacement of existing curb and sidewalks, installation of new sections of curb and sidewalks, curb extensions, full-depth pavement reconstruction, milling and overlay, stamped and colored concrete crosswalks and sidewalk banding, drainage improvements, landscaping, select tree removal, street signing and pavement markings, erosion controls, traffic control and all other incidentals, complete, in place and accepted, as necessary to complete the work of this contract to the satisfaction of the Engineer.

Sealed bids for the Village Center Streetscape Project, Barrington, RI, will be received at the Office of the Town Manager, 1st Floor, Barrington Town Hall, 283 County Road, Barrington, RI, until 11:00 A.M. prevailing time on Friday, August 12, 2016.

For more information, see the Government Bids page.


Community Garden Awarded RI Foundation Grant

From the RI Foundation:

The Town of Barrington received $6,611 to install a deer fence and community bulletin board at the Barrington Community Garden. The deer fence will negate the need for individual fencing around gardeners’ plots and protect a newly created common area. The weatherproof bulletin board will serve as a central hub for important communications regarding the community garden.

“The Barrington Community Garden is a vibrant community asset where Barrington residents grow food, learn practical gardening skills and interact with other gardeners of all ages, ethnicities and incomes,” said Barrington Town Manager Peter A. DeAngelis. “This grant will help us continue to build community in Barrington through a shared sense of purpose.”

Located off Wampanoag Trail, the garden is organic and offers 100-square-foot plots to residents in exchange for a small fee and a commitment to participate in scheduled upkeep of common areas. In just two years, the garden has matured from fallow land to 60 plots.

The Town supplies the garden with compost for the plots and woodchips to line the paths between plots. Thanks to a collaborative effort with the Barrington Energy Committee, water is available via a solar-operated pump that feeds spigots throughout the garden.


Solarize Barrington Projects Proceeding

Update on Solarize Barrington, as of July 15, 2016:

  • 21 projects in the build stage (in progress/installed/inspected/complete)

  • 4 projects are ready-to-build (on deck)

  • 13 pending approvals

  • 4 on hold (finance or construction reasons)

  • Other:

    • $11,042 paid to date in Barrington building permits

    • 275,890 DC watts (slightly lower than 305,000 initial sign-ups)

    • 317,274 kwh estimated year 1 production (conservative)

    • $61,868.43 estimated year 1 savings in electricity offsets (does not include REG income above $0.195/ kwh offset)

    Go here for more on environmental benefits.

Additional Information:

Bulletin Board bulletin